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This publication, developed in conjunction with SAMHSA discusses how families should work with police officers and vice versa when dealing with a child with mental health challenges in crisis.

Physical copies of this guide may be purchased for free (you only need to pay for shipping) from our online store.

This article developed by a group of parents, evaluators and staff from the National Federation of Families and system of care communities outlines some of the defining characteristics that can be used to indicate if a community and/or organization has family involvement. This is a working document that you are free to adapt for your own work.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of an effective child-serving system. At the heart of this collaborative partnership are the child and their family. This type of partnership that is wholly inclusive of the goals and desires of the child and their family is often referred to as “family-driven care”.

Family-drive care is a core concept in the System of Care principles. Family voice determines family-driven care, as families must be central in creating this dynamic. The principles of family-driven care should inform all aspects of the practice of child-serving systems.

This fact sheet developed in 2012 outlines some of the important facts one should know about the children's mental health system and the juvenile justice system.

This fact sheet includes some of the most prevalent children's mental health statistics that you can use in your advocacy efforts.

This brief outlines some of the principles one should be aware of when talking about and including family involvement.

This brief explains the difference between promotion and prevention and how both are important to children's mental health. It also goes into the term resilience.

This issue of our newsletter marks the rebirth of our first newsletter. Included are highlights of 2008, as well as information on the latest happenings in policy and advocacy at the national level, as well as other relevant topics in the field.