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Our Awards Luncheon will occur on Saturday, November 12th. This will be a very special event as we will be recognizing individuals and organizations who have made substantial contributions to the field of children's mental health and to children and youth who experience behavioral health challenges and their families.  We will be sharing details regarding nominations and criteria for each of these awards very shortly so please stay tuned. The National Federation is extremely excited about each of these awards and we hope that each of you will nominate the individuals who you feel best exemplify each category. This is our opportunity to bring national recognition to the extraordinary work that occurs every day in communities across the country.
Karl Dennis Unconditional Care Award: Honoring onof the pioneers in the provision of community-based supports for children and their families, this award recognizes an individual who has made a lasting contribution to children's mental health on the national level, who reflects the values of the National Federation, who has contributed to the body of knowledge of the philosophy of unconditional care, and who demonstrates compassion for children, youth and their families.  

Reclaiming Children Award: This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding efforts at the local or state level on behalf of children experiencing behavioral health challenges and their families. The goal of this award is to recognize an exceptional individual who has made significant contributions to enhancing the lives of children and their families.

Making A Difference Award: This award recognizes a National Federation Chapter or State Organization that utilizes the power of partnerships, collaboration and grass roots advocacy to enhance services, supports and awareness for children and youth who experience behavioral health challenges and their families. 

Jane Adams Peer Support Award: This is the inaugural year for this very special award. Honoring onof our national champions for peer support and certification, this award will recognize a nationally certified Parent Support Provider who demonstrates extraordinary skills in supporting families.