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Certification Resources: Trainings

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Below are a list of publication, traditional and online trainings. We will be updating this list as they become available or know to the Certification Commission. You can also find more information under our resources page.

The listing of these references does not necessarily constitute or imply endorsement by the Certification Commission for Family Support. The views and opinions of the authors expressed do not necessarily state or reflect those of the Certification Commission for Family Support or the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health (NFFCMH). The Certification Commission for Family Support and the NFFCMH take no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any of the information contained in these courses and only offer the links for your convenience.

A Listing of Current Trainings

We will be updating this list as we become familiar with their content.

A Listing of Books or Publications for Purchase

Peter Jensen, Kimberly Hoagwood Improving Children's Mental Health Through Parent Empowerment: A Guide to Assisting Families  (2008) in paperback ISBN 978-0195320909 - $29.95

Conni Wells Straight Talk:Families Speak to Families about Child and Youth Mental Health. Axis Group Publishing (2011)  in paperback or kindle ISBN 978-0-983025108 - $15.00

A Listing of Current Online Trainings

Crime and Victim Assistance Advocacy
  • On-line training materials developed researchers and practitioners for victim service providers and allied professionals who have 3 years or less experience in the victim services field. The goal is to develop skills in helping victims of crime, including interpersonal violence. The manuals and power points for the participant and instructor can be downloaded at
Educational Information
Behavioral Health Information - Trauma

On-line three module course on child trauma information and responding to child trauma:

Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) – web-based training for people who will certify that they have Master’s level clinical training: 

Advocacy Across Systems - Child Protection

Child and Family Support Services Inc (Tempe AZ)

Advocacy Across Systems -Military

Training to increase understanding of the unique issues facing military youth dealing with the deployment and reunion of a parent or loved ones:

Behavioral Health Information -Diagnoses Related Trainings
Advocacy Across Systems - Homelessness
Wellness and Natural Support Recovery and Resiliency
  • E-learning free courses from Magellan Health Services, including:Children's Resiliency, Pediatric Psychotropic Medications, Family engagement, Youth Engagement,
Substance Abuse Questions Related to Substance Use
Wellness and Natural Support

The presence or absence of a listing represents neither an endorsement nor a disapproval by the Certification Commission for Family Supports. Listings are added when the Certification Commission office becomes aware of training opportunities that relate to the competencies necessary for Certified Parent Support Providers.