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Voter Registration Toolkit

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Click Here for Voter Registration Toolkit

As the 2016 election cycle is approaching, it is becoming apparent that this year’s voters will be making some very important decisions. Not only will we be electing a new President, all Congressional seats are up for re-election, as are the 34 Class 3 Senate seats. This is a great opportunity to unite our voice for families and children as we cast our ballots.

To support voter registration, we have created a Voter Registration Toolkit. We have suggested that this be included in the activities for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week but if that’s not possible due to previously scheduled activities, please consider holding a voter registration drive prior to your state’s registration deadline.

This is an opportunity for us to support our families, our young adults, and our communities. Let’s get out the vote and make sure that children’s mental health is supported through the ballot box.